Metabolic Conditioning is a style of training that is designed to challenge both the Anaerobic AND the Aerobic energy systems while also promoting adaptation in the glycolytic energy system – this is the energy system that allows you to perform VERY explosive exercise for a VERY short period of time. Metcon sessions will require that you work at a high level of intensity (close to your maximum) for extended period of times. While HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) requires that you work at your MAXIMUM level for a short period of time and then you’ll rest long enough to then perform again at your maximum level – MetCon will vary in that you’ll move from exercise to exercise with very little rest.
Metcon style workouts can be done as a weighted circuit, single modality activity (running, rowing, biking etc) or a combination of all these.

***Please note that this class is NOT for beginner lifters or for those carrying injuries as more complex lifts will be incorporated into the sessions.

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