Kids Boxing

Has your child been wanting to learn a new skill, or has expressed a specific interest in boxing? There are many reasons why boxing is a great skill for kids to learn – amongst those is a sense of purpose, learning about discipline and resilience, and not to mention...


This is a general boxing class for all skill levels that will cater for the people in attendance. Classes will consist of bag and pad rounds, shadow boxing, ab work and boxing specific conditioning and light contact drills.

OPEN GYM (Boxing)

There are no Group Classes occuring during this time, so come on in and hit the bag/do your own training in our Boxing Studio. No unsupervised sparring.

ADVANCED Boxing (Invite Only)

A boxing class for those who are looking to take their boxing skills to the next level. In this class there will be contact drills and sparring. You will need a mouth guard and 16oz Leather gloves (plus an invite from Coach Rob)

Boxing (Technical)

Our professional instructor will get your blood pumping from the start with boxing-specific warm ups including skipping and body weight exercises. You’ll then be put through your paces with a variety of boxing circuits that will keep you moving non-stop. Partner and...

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